How can I get wireless internet while sailing off the west coast of Florida?

by on March 13, 2011

Q: I will be sailing just off the west coast of Florida in May and would like to bring my Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop. How would I get internet access there? I was thinking of looking into a wireless card but I know nothing about them. Can you help?

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    thank you so much for your help.


    A wireless card would be the best answer. All of the major wireless carriers offer them and they are all at different prices. Your best option would be to check each one out and make sure that they offer service in the area you will be traveling to. Depending how far out at sea you are will depend on your coverage and signal strength.

    Also some of the newer smart phones offer the ability of having a wireless access built into them where you can connect your laptop right to your smartphone and then when you are done traveling you can stop paying extra for the wireless connection.


      thanks so much JSelden73 – this is just the kind of information I was looking for. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer.

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    Just for clarification the Wireless cards jseldon is talking about would be available from a cell provider like AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile, NOT a WiFi card like the one that is already built into your laptop.

    Additionally, you’ll need to talk to each provider to discuss how your coverage will function in the gulf of mexico. Depending on how far off shore you are, you might lock on to one of the cell towers on one of the off-shore oil rigs operated by Broadpoint:

    If that happens you’ll get nailed with international roaming fees. So talk to each provider about that, and how you can be aware of that on your laptop.

    Bottom line is none of this is cheap, you’ll need to buy equipment, and pay for monthly access fees (probably around $60 a month) and additionally for roaming by the megabyte if you’re further out to sea.

    You also might find this page and the additional links provided to be of interest though this deals with more remote access (Atlantic ocean, etc)


      Wow – so much good information. I really am a newbie so this is really helpful. I may just bag the whole idea — but I have a lot more places to look for information now. And thanks for the heads up on roaming charges, etc. Thank you Mark.