What is a good device that is about 10 inches and will let me read my ebooks?

by on March 16, 2011

Q: I have a huge collection of ebooks (pdf format NON-DRM around 30gb). I’m lookin for a device with atleast 10″ screen (preferably touch capacitative/resistive) to read them. I also prefer that technology that doesn’t put strain on eyes(i think its called e-ink). what should i buy? apple ipad, notion ink adam, or some ebook reader (if yes, which one?). And offcourse cost is also an issue. Suggest only for NON-DRM pdf files.

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    I believe that most ebook readers will reader non DRM files.

    All of the devices you had mentioned will read ebooks. If you would like the ability to do more than just read embooks an Ipad or Android tablet (xoom, galaxy tab, etc) will allow that. You have the ability to read email, text message, surf the web, download apps and games as well. Price range is about $299 – $799 with many different options. These devices do not have e-ink and use a full color touch screen with adjustable brightness.

    If you are looking to just a basic ebook reader with e-ink than the nook or kindle would be a better choice.
    As well devices like the nook and kindle are usually less expensive or do not require a contract.


    From what i have heard, Kindle doesn’t support NON DRM pdfs . Isn’t that true? If not, Whats the price of a 10″ version (is it available in India?). Kindly let me know the price in rupees. I don’t have friends abroad.


    The Kindle can support PDF files. E-ink screens don’t yet have touch capability.

    The Kindle DX has a 9.7″ screen and would probably cost around 17,153.0 rupees assuming a strait current conversion from US Dollars.

    See this page for product information: http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-DX-Wireless-Reader-3G-Global/dp/B002GYWHSQ

    See also the “Live Outside the US?” box, and select India and read the additional details there.

    The Kindle is available only from Amazon.