Is it possible to change our IP address on our local computers?

by on March 18, 2011

Q: 1. How do we manipulate Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) ip address through our local computer’s ip?
2. What softwares do i need to make it works?
So if we check our ip online it displays our computer’s ip (LAN / localhost if possible) instead ISP’s ip.
I’m using windows xp pro. thank you.

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    You can’t change the IP address provided by your ISP. It’s an important part of getting data from the internet to your computer.

    Getting rid of it would be like removing the City and state line from your mailing address.

    Are you trying to setup some kind of server on your home network that you want to be able to access from the outside internet?


    Yes. Something like forwarding / proxying / tunneling / routing ISP ip through my home network server, ex:

    Home –> ISP ( –> Home ( –> Internet (identified me from

    Logically i think it’s possible but i don’t know how to make it work.

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    You need to do some configuration on your router. I suggest going to and using the instructions there for your specific model of router.

    Port Forwarding is something your router can do. When it detects data going to it from the outside internet to a specific port, it can let it through and send it to a specific IP and port on your internal network.