Where can I get an inexpensive 7 inch VGA monitor?

by on March 18, 2011

Q: I would like to have an inexpensive flat screen 7″ monitor with 15 pin VGA ‘in’ connection, AC adapter, non-touch (preferred) … if such a monitor exists, can you direct me to a U.S. source? Thank you.
P.S. Inexpensive = $0 to $125.00+/-

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    Here are a few items that you might find of interest:



    Thanks for the reply Mark. The monitors that you referenced are USB powered. I was looking for a unit with an AC adapter and a 15 pin VGA in connection.


    Here is one for $127: http://bit.ly/epgOg8

    Also, here are a few other models, but they run in the $300-$400 price range:

    Just paste these each into google for details.

    Ikan VG7 7 Inch SD VGA LCD Monitor
    Delvcam HDMI/VGA LCD Monitor (7″)
    Marshall M-LCD7-HDMI-B-CE6 7″ LCD Monitor


    Any thoughts about using a 7″ Google Android Tablet PC Computer Netbook as a monitor using a 15 pin to USB adapter? There seems to be a plethora of the 7ā€ Android tablets being offered for under $100 on the net. Could it be a s simple as hooking up with a 15 pin to USB adapter or are there other complicating factors to consider?


    That won’t work for you, tablets normally aren’t designed to act as a dumb monitor.

    What is it you’re trying to do exactly?


    Iā€™m a musician, and I use a Ketron Midjay arranger module that displays lyrics to a monitor via VGA connection. I currently use an 8ā€ monitor that is a little thicker than I would like. I thought that a 7ā€ flat screen would have a smaller footprint, be mountable onto a mic stand and have the ability to display in portrait mode (unable to do that with current monitor). It would also have to be AC powered. Thanks.


    The ability to go into Portrait mode would need to be at least partially a function of your Ketron Midjay. Monitors can’t convert an image to portrait themselves.

    Sorry, but I don’t have any other suggestions other than the items I’ve already posted.


    Thanks for your time and consideration.