How come my laptop is very slow after dropping it?

by on March 21, 2011

Q: My little brother dropped my Hp laptop from about 2 feet and now theres some problems. At first it would turn on and show the HP sign and then go on to get stuck on the Microsoft loading screen.

I restarted it and pressed f8 and did a system repair. It took over an hour to complete but it did load and I was able to access my account. I did notice that a few files in my games were corrupted and errors would occur when trying to start programs. It was also extremely slow at loading things it did super fast before.

I turned it off and back on and now everything loads (very very slowly) up to the select a user page and when I choose my account and type the password it will just say welcome as if it was loading, but it never goes to the dashboard it just keeps on loading. I have let it load for over an hour and it just doesn’t go anywhere. This is windows Vista by the way.

If I do Another system repair I can get into my account but I don’t want to have to do an hour long boot up every time I log in and everything is really slow.

I doubt I will pay for any repairs that need to be done because it wasn’t that great anyways, but I would like to have it still.

Thanks for the help

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    It is very possible that damage has occured with the hard drive. If you can still boot the computer up, I would suggest getting the data that you need off of it as soon as possible. If you would like to keep the computer you will probably need a new hard drive for the computer.