How do I get a deceased person deleted from myspace and FaceBook?

by on March 23, 2011

Q: Can anyone tell me how to get a deceased person deleted from my space and facebook? They both ask for an obituary and/or death certificate, proof of relationship, but, neither of them provide an address to mail this documentation to.

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    You’ll probably need to get the requested documentation scanned and sent to the e-mail address stated by facebook and myspace.


      I have sent the requested info to My space several times, they claim they haven’t received it. It seems to me there ought to be a mailing (USPS) address for My Space and Facebook to handle these types of issues. Not everyone can scan this info, as not everyone has access to a scanner, printer, etc.. I’m still working on trying to get this resolved, geez, you’d think if someone is deceased and someone is trying to preserve their honor, it wouldn’t be so hard, so much for technology.


        If you don’t have access to a document scanner consider using a digital camera. If that isn’t a option, consider contacting your local library, many have document scanners available for public use.