How do I know what a hard wired cable Ethernet in my house is connected to?

by on March 23, 2011

Q: Our home has hard-wired internet jacks throughout the house. We have a linksys (secured) wireless router that I can access both wirelessly and through the internet jacks. I use wireless for my laptop and on occasion plus the network right into a jack. I also have a pc that is not wireless.

My question, there is one internet hard-wired cable jack in the house that I am confused about.

When I plug my laptop into this jack (for a hardwired internet connection), it recognizes a linksys router that is not familiar to me. I viewed the settings for the router it’s auto confgured for an IPV4 address of When I plug my laptop into all other jacks in the house my laptop does not “see” this linksys router.

I did notice there is a separate cat5 cable in my basement that is directly connected to that jack. (the jack where I am seeing the router with a secured connection auto configured to

Can you tell me why this might be happening.

Thank you.

Please help

One Response to “How do I know what a hard wired cable Ethernet in my house is connected to?”

    Getting an IP address in the range means the laptop wasn’t able to contact a DHCP service like on your normal router.

    As far as what the jack is connected to, I’m guessing all your Ethernet lines terminate in the same location, you can either unplug stuff one by one to see when the link light on the laptop goes out or try using a network line tester: