Why do I get an error saying problem loading page in FireFox and Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome?

by on March 24, 2011

Q: every time I try opening internet explorer or firefox I get a message saying “problem loading page” but have no problems with google chrome. what is preventing them to open and how do I change it? cuz it wasn’t doing this yesterday

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    Is this happening to a particular page you are trying to visit? Was any of the programs you are using recently updated?

    One thing to try is in internet explorer go to
    tools>internet options>general tab.
    Select to delete under browsing history.
    Then select to remove temporary internet files and cookies and press ok.
    Then close the windows and close internet explorer.
    Now try to open internet explorer again and see if you still cannot load the page.

    If the page works you will also want to remove temp internet files and cookies inFirefox as well.


    If J’s suggestions don’t work try the following:

    For IE:
    Tools> Internet Options>Connections> Lan Settings…

    Assuming you’re at home, and not on a corporate network all the proxy stuff should be turned off.

    The same settings are found in Firefox at

    Also, be sure to do a spyware/malware/virus scan too.
    If you don’t have anything good I always suggest Microsoft Security Essentials.


    it has done this to me before and I did a system restore then had no problem. then it did it to me again talked to hp they suggested doing a system restore and I told I cant keep doing restore thats just stupid need to find whats causing it and fix it. well I did. it was under administrative tools under windows firewall but this time everything is fine what caused it this time is I cannot install, uninstall, and/or repair my itune cuz I get cannot access network so went to microsoft and had that fix it for me guy. yeah he fixed it alright cant use firefox or explorer and still did not fix my itunes