What is “Auto Install Eject CD” service?

by on March 31, 2011

Q: I recently had a problem with my frameworks and did a .netfx and reinstalled them. Still not really fixed but I can’t install some updates. Microsoft also had a “check” for upgrading your computer to Windows 7. I did that and of course my little 3-machine T3120 doesn’t have enough ram. I notice a program in my temp locals called is “Auto Install Eject CD” . I checked my running services and it is the first one and after hiding all Microsoft services, it is still there which tells me it is not a microsoft service. It is in my temp files and will not remove because it is in installed in system 32. Is this possibly a ligit program that I need for my Tsstcorp cd/dvd driver because I lost that in the past and updating most of my frameworks it re-appeared.