Why does my laptop shutdown suddenly?

by on March 31, 2011

Q: I have an HP pavilion dv3 Notebook. I’m using a Microsoft Windows XP home edition operating system. From the past one month my laptop shuts down suddenly and this is happening quite frequently. I think the laptop is getting heated up and that’s what is causing these unexpected shut downs. Could this be a reason? I’ve started using a notebook fan on which i keep my laptop these day to keep it cool. Help me out with this? Why is this happening?

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    That could very well be the reason it is shutting down. You should always use your laptop on some form of hard surface (desktop, laptop pillow with hard surface) this way your fans have proper ventilation. There is the possibility that the motherboard or the processor was damaged from over heating and now will shut itself down automatically.

    If the cooling fan you are using is not helping chances are something was damaged.


    The thermal paste that connects heat generating parts like the CPU to the heat-sink may have also come loose. Your laptop is designed to shut itself down if it gets too hot to prevent damage, you probably haven’t messed up your CPU or anything like that yet but I’d strongly suggest you talk to HP or an HP approved repair shop about getting this fixed as continued overheating may damage your processor.