How come I get a warning when I try to open a media clip in PowerPoint?

by on April 1, 2011

Q: I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on a HP Laptop. Everytime I run my powerpoint presentation (Office 2007) on my laptop and want to open a media clip – I get a pop up saying do I really want to open the file – like it might have viruses or something. This will be a pain when I do my presentation. It does not happen on my HP desktop PC with the same operating system. There is no check box to tick for don’t ask me again. Is there somewhere I can disable this pop up?

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    You can adjust these security settings. See this article from Microsoft explaining how to do so:


    Thanks Mark – I have checked this link but it deals with Excel and says ” You cannot change external content settings globally for Office PowerPoint 2007 in the Trust Center”. I have already fiddled with the trust settings in PowerPoint as much as I can and nothing has worked. I am getting the feeling that Microsoft have deliberately avoided the enabling of external content on PowerPoint because so many “spam” things go around on PowerPoint. I still hope that someone may have an answer. Cheers, Romana