Is there a program that will let me do a video overlay?

by on April 11, 2011

Q: Is there such a computer program that I can get , that will allow me to download video of my daughter playing soccer. Then be able to overlay it onto what the scill should look like.

One Response to “Is there a program that will let me do a video overlay?”

    You mean the skill so as to compare/contrast her moves?

    While overlay can be done with most video editing suites, you’re going to have a hard time getting things to line up nice because of camera angles, distance from player, etc. Also you’d need to mask certain background areas to gets things to look right. Even if you were already skilled at using the editing software you’re looking at a few hours of work for a few minutes of video.

    I’d suggest just doing some basic editing to grab the clips you want to highlight and go from there.

    Here is nice guide to get you started on video editing:!5785558/the-basics-of-video-editing-the-complete-guide