How do I remove trustyhound from my computer?

by on April 15, 2011

Q: Hi. I have something on my computer called trustyhound. My antispyware does not seem to be able to get rid of it and/or keep it off my computer. I tried Spyware Doctor (paid version not the free one.), Avira, and tried to follow advice from other sites but my web searches still keep getting rerouted and trustyhound keeps coming back. I am also worried that someone may have my passwords. So, I’m wondering if you know how to manually remove it or some antispiware that really gets it off an keeps it off. My mom has Trustyhound too. I usually look up solutions to problems on the net, but nobody on the net seems to have any ideas that wrk that I understand. I would really appreciate any help getting rid of trustyhound. Thank you for your help.


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    First, run the smart update for Spyware Doctor to make sure the program is fully updated. There was an issue with Spyware Doctor that prevented this from cleaning correctly.

    Next, reboot your computer into safe mode with networking support. Here is a guide on that if you need it.

    After you’ve rebooted into safe mode, run Spyware Doctor and run a Full Scan.

    After that reboot the computer and it will go into normal mode.

    If you’re still having trouble I suggest downloading and installing ccleaner (free) and running it. That should clear up any lingering issues, and has helped out others with similar problems.

    If after all that you’re still having some issues I can offer commercial remote support.

    Hope this helps!