Is there anyway to attach another monitor to an all in one computer?

by on April 16, 2011

Q: hi i have a dell computer that’s an all in one computer ( its just the screen modem like built into the screen) and now in some stupid accident (someone threw something at it) the screen wont work..i was wondering if i could get a different screen for it and if worse comes to worse is there any way that i can get all the files off of the computer i have over 1000 pictures on it that i never had the chance to print off

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    Screen repair is probably possible. You’ll need to contact Dell to check of the availability of the parts and who can repair it.

    Looks at the tech specs from the Inspiron 2305, it looks like all the video ports are video in, not video out. So if your’s is the same way you won’t be able to just plug in an external monitor.

    Dell should be able to give you some options. In a total worst case scenario the standard procedure to get your files off the computer would be to remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer and copy the data.

    Once you get your PC issues resolved I strongly suggest you set some kind of a backup system in place so you can keep import files like your photos safe. Consider something like or for some options.