Why does Media Center freeze when I try to watch recorded TV?

by on April 21, 2011

Q: I’m having problems with Media Center. It starts up but freezes, especially with recorded TV, although, it was letting me watch live TV till I tried to redo the settings thinking that might help, now I get about half-way through set up and it freezes. I have a fairly old computer ~2006 and its running XP media center edition and a couple of weeks ago it recovered from a “serious error” and suggested it was my video card driver, I looked for an update but couldn’t find one. I have an Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, I went to Intel’s website to look for a driver for it and they said that the manufacturer, HP, had modified it so they would have the driver for it, went to HP and they didn’t have one either, probably because its so old. My question is this, if I was to uninstall my driver for my video card and then try to reinstall it using hp recovery tools, first of all, would I be able to reinstall it that way and second would that fix the problem? Also, how do I know that its the driver and not just a bad video card? Thanks!

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    Here is the latest video driver that you probably found on Intel’s website. http://bit.ly/gKD9tt

    I’d suggest giving it a try, anything HP did to the driver probably isn’t going to be all that helpful anyway.

    As far as if that will fix the problem, it is hard to say. There can be any number things causing the problem. The video card doesn’t have much to do with recording, only playback.

    Since Media Center is tightly integrated with Windows if the video driver fix doesn’t do the trick I’d suggest wiping the drive and doing a fresh system install. Cumbersome I know, but if you do that and still have the same problems then you will be able to confirm that you have a hardware issue. Best of luck to you!


    I tried to install the driver update, but I got an error message saying “The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the manufacturer. Setup will exit” I’m gonna try HP one more time and if that doesn’t work, I will have to start backing up my data :-/


    I found a driver on HP, but its for Vista, so I guess the only option is recovery. Should I try a standard recovery first, or go straight to destructive recovery?


    Sorry for the delay.

    The standard recovery is probably worth a short, worst case you just waste some time on it and move to the destructive.