Why do I keep getting bad bios when I start my computer?

by on April 24, 2011

Q: when i try to turn on my pc it comes up saying bad bios then runs a search for a bios. I don’t know what this means i haven’t changed anything on my computer it just happened out of the blue. The manufacturer is out of business so i cant call them for help. Sometimes instead of saying bad bios it says fatal error or no signal. I really just don’t want to lose my files. Please help. Thanks.

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    First off your data and the hard drive it is on should be totally fine. You should have problem having the harddrive removed from the computer and having your files transfered to a new computer if needed.

    Your probably going to need to have the motherboard replaced. If it’s an older computer you might be better off just getting the computer replaced. If you take it to a computer shop they should be able to assess the problem for you to see how serious the problem is and if you’d need to have parts replaced.

    They can also transfer important files to a new computer for you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

    Once you do get up and running again I strongly suggest you also invest in backing up your important files. Harddrives can and do fail.

    I suggest http://www.crashplan.com/