What can I do about my computer running Windows Vista being stuck at installing update 3 of 3?

by on April 29, 2011

Q: my son’s 250 gig hard drive toshiba satellite 32 bit vista is frozen at “installing update 3 of 3, 50% done.” It’s a known issue. Vista reboot/repair cd with F12 does not help.

Ubuntu working from cd, I am about to install on the unit.

The Ubuntu setup is recommending partition like this—–
148 for vista and 100 for ubuntu. Is that good?

I am tempted to let it wipe the vista since it may be irreparable; but—
According to ubuntu setup, this may wipe some windows files.
According to Ubuntu posts,
—-it’s harder to re-install windows if ubuntu is in there first.
——-wireless with ubuntu may take some tweaking.

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    I’d suggest against doing the dual boot.

    If you want to ditch Vista and switch to Ubuntu, I suggest just doing the full drive wipe. If you’re concerned about files on the harddrive that you still need, use the Ubuntu live CD mode to access the files on the harddrive and copy them to a DVD, External drive, USB Stick, etc. Then you can just wipe the drive and start clean.

    If you really just want to use Vista instead of Ubuntu you’re probably still going to be stuck doing a drive format and then a fresh Vista install. Again I’d suggest using the Ubuntu live CD to rescue any important data.

    If you do a fresh Vista install from scratch I’d suggest running all your Vista Updates first to make sure they take before installing any 3rd party software.

    Once you get Vista stable and are interested in experimenting with Ubuntu I’d suggest running it inside Vista via VirtualBox (free) http://www.virtualbox.org/

    That way it’s easy to access, and easy to get rid of if needed. Doing the dual boot requires the computer’s boot sectors to be messed with and undoing that work can be very tricky,.