How can I connect my Philips Crystal 660 combo printer to my Netgear DGN 1000 router wirelessly?

by on May 10, 2011

Q: I’ve bought a Philips Crystal 660 combo printer/scanner/etc and I’d like to connect it wirelessly to my Netgear DGN 1000 router to make a network printer. Do I need to use the (expensive) Philips adapter as described or will any old wireless dongle do the job?

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    I can’t dig up the manual online but i’m pretty sure this is an older printer. Does it have an Ethernet port on it or just USB?

    Can you provide any model information on the wireless dongle the manual says you should use?


    Thanks for the reply. It is indeed old, we bought it at some out-of-buisness clearance sale. It only has USB, no ethernet.

    The manual only refers to the “correct Philips adapter”, claming other brands could damage the machine or the router, but gives no part number. The manufacturer’s website does have vastly over-priced dongles but makes no reference to compatibility.



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    You’ll need to buy something called a wireless print server, such as the Linksys WPS54G:

    There are number of other manufacturers that make these as well. You’ll looking at a cost of around $50 – $70, which is also about the same price as a new printer with built in wireless support.

    Compatibility between wireless printer servers and printers is hit and miss, so if you do decide to buy one, I suggest picking it up from somewhere with a good return policy. Also, there is a pretty good chance that while you might be able to get the printing to work, you probably won’t be able to get the scanning functionality to work for you wirelessly.


    Okey dokes, many thanks for your advice!