How do you make a WordPress design for Google Adsense?

by on May 13, 2011

Q: To allow ads for Google Adsense on a WordPress site, do you leave a column blank on either the right or left of your design/content, then instruct Google where to place ads?

One Response to “How do you make a WordPress design for Google Adsense?”

    Google Adsense uses JavaScript that you place on your site. Google has nothing to do with this and you generate the JavaScript yourself within the Google Adsense interface.

    How you decide to implement this within your theme is up to you if you are making the theme or will be decided for you if you are using a theme created by someone else. The theme we created for this site allows us to use a widget that we insert the JavaScript into for the left column but all other ads have the JavaScript in the template itself.

    The only upside to having the JavaScript in a widget is that you can manage it from within WordPress itself instead of having to modify the templates. It is rare that one would have to make modifications to the JavaScript so it honestly doesn’t matter how you go about implementing it (ie widget vs putting the code directly in the template).