Can my professor monitor my online activity on my University website?

by on May 14, 2011

Q: I take a class a class through web at my university’s website, a friend told me that the professor can monitor my activity’s on the website and i would like to know if its true because i have my final test of this class and i might need to download the class presentations to use them for the test, but I am afraid that the professor might actually be monitoring my activity’s in the university’s site and finds out I am using the presentations to help me answer the test. I will be taking the test through my computer at home so I will not be using the university’s network.

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    Generally a lot of the software that runs the websites for on-line classes allowed the instructor to see the activity of the students on the pages for the class. So yes, it’s highly likely that the instruction would be able to see how active you are with the course material and when you’ve accessed said material.