How do I get two direct TV boxes to work off one satellite dish?

by on June 1, 2011

Q: i have two direct tv sat boxes. i also have one sat dish . i have run a coax line from the dish to a cheap coaxc splitter and the a line from the splitter to each sat receiver. here is my problem.

I can get only one tv to show a tv station at a time. as soon as i turn on the second sat and tv. i get a ‘ SEARCHING FOR SATALITE. ” i STILL HAVE A TV STATION ON THE FIRST TV iF i SHUT OFF THE TV WHICH IS SHOWING A TV STATION THE OTHER TV THAT WAS SHOWING “SEARCH FOR SAT ” now shows a tv station. what can i do to fix so both tvs show a tv station

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    I am not a dish/directv expert but my understanding is that these boxes do more than just receive information so it makes sense that if you split the signal there would be an issue.

    In order to support more than 1 box you would have to a satellite dish with more than one LNB (you have the dish itself that looks almost like a big bowl and then you have an arm that has a funny looking thing on the end, it is my understanding that that is an LNB). So if you want to have 2 rooms you would need 2 LNB’s on the end of the arm and if you want 3 rooms you would nee 3 LNB’s etc.

    I suspect you can call directv and tell them you want support for multiple rooms and they would probably send you the thing for free but I could be wrong. I am pretty sure you can go to radioshack and buy what you need but it is probably easier just to call directv to make sure you get the right part.


    A basic coax splitter won’t work for Direct TV. You’ll probably need some other more expensive hardware such as a multiswitch or or you may be able to just hook one receiver into the other. Check the manuals that came with your receivers to see if that is an option.

    These articles have some details:

    A lot depends on what kind of hardware you have in your house so I’d strongly suggest that you contact DirecTV for suggestions on your best option for an optimal configuration and best picture quality.


    two lines from the sat dish works thanks