How can I get my contacts from my old computer with Outlook 2007 to my new computer with Outlook 2010?

by on June 5, 2011

Q: How can I get my contacts from my old computer with outlook 2007 exported to my new computer with outlook 2010?

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    On your old computer:

    Open outlook.
    Click on File > Import and Export
    Select Export to a File
    Select the Comma Separated Values Format CSV
    Select the Contacts Folder
    Save the file to your desktop

    Copy the file from your old computer to your new computer

    On your new computer
    Open outlook
    select File >Import
    Select Import from another program or file
    Select Personal Address Book
    Select the CSV file you created and import it.


      When I click on file these are the options I have:New, Open, Clase All Items, Save as, Save attachments, Folder, data File management, archive, page setup, print preview, print, work offline, exit. I don’t have an Import and Export option. Any suggestions? Its Office/Outlook 2007 and XP is the operating system. Thanks


    Click File so all the options you mentioned are displayed on the screen.

    now tap the t key on your keyboard once. The import and export wizard should launch.


      I tried to tap the t key (keyboard shortcut I assume) but it did not do anything. Good idea tho. Any others?

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    Try the following:

    Tools >
    commands tab
    Make Sure “File” is highlighted
    Click “Rearrange Commands…”
    Make sure the radio button next to “Menu Bar:” is highlighted and that is says “File” right next that.

    Click “Reset..”

    Click Okay and then close/close etc.

    Now take a look under File and see if import and export is there.


    Thanks, I was able to get the file to export, however when I tried to import the file when I get to the part to sleect the CSV file it will only show folders no files. Any ideas?


    Navigate to the folder where the file is located, and then try typing in the file name.

    Alternatively, you can try renaming the file to make sure that it ends in .CSV


    after I select Personal Address Book, it wont let me choose a file, only a folder. As I had at first saved the csv file on the desktop, it didn’t even give it as an option. I then created a folder and put the file in the folder with the same result. I have confirmed the .csv file type. Help!


      Thanks for your help. I was able to export the outlook date file as a .pst and then import it in the new version. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 🙂