Why are folders and files I created at my house only available to me at my house?

by on June 6, 2011

Q: Today I brought my laptop to a friend’s house where she did some work on my computer. Strangely, while working on the laptop at her house, several of my folders normally sitting on the desktop were not there – nowhere to be found. She created and saved several documents right on the desktop, which we opened and looked at together. They were there, I saw them, saved properly. The laptop was not online at her house. Later when I got home and restarted my original folders, the one’s that were missing at her house, were back but now the documents she created were no longer there. My laptop is an ASUS purchased 2 months ago. It seems like the laptop created an alternate profile or something while plugged in at her house, which I can no longer find now that I’m back at home.

One Response to “Why are folders and files I created at my house only available to me at my house?”

    If you logged in under different usernames on the laptops then that would explain the problem.

    Your best option would be to just use Windows’ built in search feature. Assuming you’re running Windows 7 just tap the Windows key on your keyboard once (it’s between CTRL and ALT) and start typing part of the name of the folder or file you’re looking for.

    Give it some time to search the computer, and you should be able to locate the files.

    If you’re still having trouble and are interested in a remote service call, please e-mail me at mark@askageek.com