How come I am unable to access on my computer?

by on June 15, 2011

Q: please help! a website that i have been using for a job – a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly couldn’t load it – it kept timing out. I just thought the website was down & waited, but it never came back up. But today, on a hunch, I checked on someone else’s pc and found out it is not down – only on my laptop.

I didn’t think it was blocked as it never said so – it just times out while trying to load. Is there somewhere I can check my laptop to see if I inadvertently blocked it somehow?

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    Could be a bunch of different issues, but it’s probably a DNS problem.

    DNS stands for Domain Name System, it is what translates the “” to “”, which is the IP Address for that websites webserver.

    Odds are if you put in “” without quotes in your web browser you’ll be able to get to the website.

    Your computer is setup with the names and locations of a few DNS servers that provide this directory lookup service to your browser. Sometimes this get messed up or the DNS servers go down.

    As a troubleshooting option, you can try using Google’s DNS server system.

    See this page for instructions:


    thanks for the reply! IP address didn’t work either. I have been told that changing my settings as instructed in the google DNS page can cause other problems. Since everything else is working great, I hesitate to try that until have exhausted other options. I tried something that I thought may hold a clue to the problem, so wanted to run it by you before I change my settings.

    When I try to load the site, the tab shows it’s trying, but just says ‘connecting’ and then goes into the ‘timed out’ message. I tried turning off my firewall & loading it. this time the tab changed from ‘connecting’ to ‘’. i got all excited and thought it was going thru, but in the end it still timed out. Does this indicate the problem is somehow the firewall?


    Disabling the software firewall program was a good thing to try, as these can often cause a problem.

    If the IP address was working you should have gotten a 404 error page and a note about the page being hosted with Host Gator.

    Was the other computer you tried accessing the site on also on the same home network?

    Have you tried a different web browser?

    If you’re in a hurry to get this fixed, I can also do a remote service call on the PC as early as this evening to get the problem fixed for you. Send me an e-mail at to setup an appointment.


    I will email you as you suggested, but will answer the other stuff here for benefit of others with same problem.

    little confused on if you mean i should have gotten the error/gator page when I tried to load using the IP? but I can tell you that I had also tried to use a web proxy, which did allow me to load the site, and I could then click thru to list of forests by state, and then could click thru to a particular forest, BUT when I tried to click on any particular campground in that forest – I got the error/gator page??? and the individual campgrounds are what I have to get to. I then went to someone else’s computer who is not on this network and found that those pages all work fine. So don’t know why the proxy took me only so far.

    I’m on a wireless public network where I live, but had gone up to office and they can load the site with no problem – which is why I felt I must have accidentally blocked it somehow. I use FF, but also tried IE with no luck.



    Thanks for the additional information. Have you tried connecting your laptop to a different wireless connection, or plugging it in on someone else’s network to see if the site works?


    forgot to say that I also tried a system restore. I knew the last day I used the site was 5/31. but apparently vista only offers restore points for the current month – so I restored to 6/1 but no cigar.


    no, did not try to take laptop to another network – assumed that since others on the network here could access the site that it wouldn’t help.