How come movies on hulu keep rebuffering on my xbox 360?

by on June 19, 2011

Q: im having trouble with my bandwidth, im not doing anything except trying to watch a movie on hulu plus on my xbox 360 and it keeps rebuffering because the internet speed has changed and i have turned off all other devices in the house

One Response to “How come movies on hulu keep rebuffering on my xbox 360?”

    It could be for several reasons.

    It your Xbox using a cabled or wireless to connect to Hulu?
    If it is using wireless how far away are you from your wireless router. It might not be getting a good siginal.

    Another thing to try it to reboot your modem, router, and switch to verify a clear connection.

    Who is your ISP?(internet service provider) You might want to call them and find out if they throttle your connection if you are still having problems.

    If your still having problems let me know we can troubleshoot further.