How can I get funding for an online ebay store?

by on June 21, 2011

Q: I am seeking funding to start a online store {Ebay}, Where, Who, How do I start quickly and what are my options? Or best resources for immediate response?

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    This would effectively be the same as starting a small business.

    You’d need to look into Small Business Loans (Banks, Credit Unions, etc.) You’ll also want to consider some form of incorporation (probably LLC) to shield your personal assets, this will involve consulting with a lawyer.

    If you haven’t done your homework yet on ebay stores, note that ebay takes a pretty big slice of your profits:

    So you might be better off with your own independent web storefront.

    If you don’t have a solid business plan, you’re highly unlike to get anyone to loan you money to sell stuff on ebay. If they do, they’re going to charge you an outrageous interest rate due to the high risk involved.

    For more information on starting your own small business I suggest you review this material: