How come my computer will not boot with my new RAM installed?

by on June 24, 2011

Q: Trying to replace existing ram for my PC. (Ordered exact same ram) After installation it gets to the windows loading screen then goes black and never recovers, If i reinstall old ram windows will come up.
Old ram is 2 sticks of ddr3 @ 1.5v and 2 sticks @ 1.75v. I’m just trying to replace the 1.75v ram with 1.5v ram so all four with be the same as i believe this is causing other problems.

One Response to “How come my computer will not boot with my new RAM installed?”

    There might be a problem with the RAM if it is not working in your computer. Do you get a error when you install the new ram? Can you see the new ram in the BIOS? The first thing i would try is reseating the ram and make sure it is push in snugly. IF you are still having problems contact the manufacturer and warranty it out (or where ever you purchased it from.)

    Also when you put RAM into the PC make sure you are fully grounded. The slightest static could ruin the RAM or other parts of your PC.