What does MMC and MMS environments mean in the security and analysis world?

by on June 24, 2011

Q: What does someone mean if they say “will administer both MMC\\MMS environments”

I don’t know what MMC\\MMS stands for. It’s in the realm of security and analysis.

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    MMC is Microsoft management console. Computer management is used in the MMC. for more information read here a tthis link.

    As for MMS I am not positive but the only thing i am aware of is “Multimedia Messaging Service.”

    Security of MMS has become more of a problem recently with smart phones. Hackers look for exploits or securty holes to attack phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets that use this service.


    winklhawk, I’m assuming you’re asking in reference to this job posting: http://bit.ly/l4dBLS

    MMC and MMS here is most likely referring to specific lines of business within the organization. For example:

    Molina Medicaid Solutions (MMS) http://www.molinahealthcare.com/abtmolina/plans/Pages/mms.aspx

    So in the context of the job posting, it really doesn’t mean anything else in terms of skillset.