How come I cannot connect to the internet after reinstalling Windows?

by on June 25, 2011

Q: I am a CST student and I have a computer that I’m working on for my friend I had to put a new OS in because hers crashed because of having way too many virus and she did not scan it at all because she was not taught and does not know anything about computers. I have her computer working except now I need to download her drives and put an anti-virus spyware on her computer can not do any of that because it won’t connect to the Internet. I checked my modem and the lights are on, I know the Internet works because my computer is working, I’ve checked everything on the computer, internet options, the connection and so on but with no avail it is still not working can you help a sista out! Please!

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    Check device manager, odds are you’re missing the drivers for the ethernet card. If so, download them from the manufacturer’s website from another computer and install them.


    Thank you very much you are about the only one that understood my question. I did not think to do that I was wrecking my brain thinking it was something else I was not doing.