What is a good latop for under $700?

by on June 26, 2011

Q: I am looking to buy a laptop, but would prefer a recommendation first. I need a cheap Windows (no more than $700) for everyday use. I will be storing documents, music, and pictures on it so I’ll need over GB of memory on the hard drive. And maybe GB of RAM, but I’m not entirely sure what effect RAM has on performance. It needs a decent battery life such as 8 hours or so and needs to be portable. However, I don’t want one of the small Net-books or whatever they’re called. It also needs a good cooling system for playing flash games every now and then. My current laptop overheats after a short time of use, even with an external cooling system. So, in short: I need a cheap, everyday laptop with over 100GB of storage, a decent battery life, and a good cooling system.

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    Your best resource for laptop shopping is customer reviews on sites like amazon and newegg. Here is a filtered laptop list for Amazon: http://amzn.to/iIRmIY to get you started. You’ll likely be happy with any of these. Amazon’s return policy is also pretty good. I’m pretty sure you just have to pay return shipping if you don’t like the laptop. If it has actually problems they pay for the return shipping.

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    Dell and HP have always made decent laptops. I just configured a Dell Inspirion 15R for $500. It has a 500GB HDD and 4GB of Memory. The battery on this should last from 6-8 hours depending on usage.

    You can also look at Samsung and Sony but they tend to cost a little more.

    As for it overheating any laptop can get these symptoms if you continuously use it on your lap or a soft surface like a bed. The the airflow from the fans gets blocked and heats up the laptop over time the laptop will just start running for short periods which can be due to damages hardware inside the laptop.