How come my computer will not go past the Dell bootup screen?

by on June 29, 2011

Q: my desktop will not boot. It goes to the vendor screen (dell) and will not go past that. I cannot access anything neither f2 nor f12 hd starts to spin up then stops and does not go any farther

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    Do you get any errors at all on the screen? Have you tried to go into the BIOS? If the BIOS does load can you see if shows memory and HDD listed in there. This may be a clue as to the problem you are having.

    It sounds like a component on your computer may have either come loose or is failing.


    Problem is likely with your motherboard itself if you can’t even get into the BIOS.

    Consider trying a CMOS/BIOS reset to see if that resolves you’re issue. Consult the DELL manual for your desktop (also available on the dell support website) for instructions on how to do this.

    If this doesn’t work I suggest contacting Dell and/or a local computer shop for a motherboard diagnostic. Odds are if the CMOS/BIOS reset doesn’t help at all you’ll need to get the motherboard replaced, but you should get the computer checked out first just in case something else weird is going on.

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    Thanks for the responses. Problem is solved, but the solution is different. I unplugged the power supply at the computer, waited a short time and replugged and it worked


    Glad to hear that got you going, make sure you’re keeping any important files backed up regularly, as this still might be a sign of an upcoming long term problem with the computer.


    Also glad to hear you got it worked out. And i agree with Mark. If you have important files make sure they are backed up.


    I get carried away with back up. How bout 4 copies of all files that I might need one of these days. What I left out was I disconnected about 3 plug in pieces of hardware before I unplugged. Hope this is not a major problem, the wife will be very upset Again thanks for the help