How do I remove unused icons from my taskbar?

by on June 30, 2011

Q: how do i remove unused icons from my taskbar windows xp ?

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    If you’re talking about the icons on the left side next to the start button, just right click on them and then click on delete.


      thanx mark – already tried that – there’s no ‘delete’ to click on when I right click on the icons & the ones I’m referring to are on the bottom right of my screen tho we may be talking about the same ones ???


    Those icons in the bottom right are in what is called the ‘System Tray’. These are either icons of programs that are actively running in the background on your computer or special shortcuts for windows (like the volume controller)

    Ideally you should keep the number of programs here to a minimum of stuff you actually use.

    Every program works differently, but in general, right click on the icon and try to bring up an options menu of some kind, you should see a setting for “Run in System Tray” or “Launch Program with Windows” uncheck this and the program won’t run at startup.

    If you don’t know what a program does you can google the program name for details.

    Cleaning up the tray can help out a lot with system performance.

    If you’d rather I do the cleanup for you, send me an e-mail at and I can clean up the tray and do an overall system health check for you.


    thank you mark finlly someone who explained what i was trying to do & what it was all about – i had someone here who works on computers helping with some other issues & he suggested i defragment my computer & when i did it really didnt change much & there’s still alot of red showing after the defragment was done – any ideas of what i could do next ?


    If you’re trying to speed up the computer:

    – Uninstall programs you don’t use
    – run ccleaner (free) to delete junk files

    – Try another defrag.

    You’re going to have some red dots in the defrag, not the end of the world.


    i went to that site but it says i have to pay for that ccleaner


    Click on the tiny download from link a few lines below the giant buy link. The buy link is for “priority support”.


    well that was good till i had to pay for it thanx anyway tho


    ?? Not sure what you’re talking about. The link I was talking about takes you here for the download. The program is freeware:


    oh bother i suppose i dont know what i’m doing – i go to the site u’ve told me to & it says something about foxtab video to mp3 – i believe i’m lost…….