What is an inexpensive laptop that can keep up with a college students homework and nerdy needs?

by on June 30, 2011

Q: I am a full-time college student and I am looking for a high performance laptop that can keep up with both my homework assignments and nerdy needs, so basically I am wondering what kind of laptop I should get? I like Toshiba, Vaio and Alienware, but I want the best money without breaking the bank. Oh yeah and I heard about this offer with windows.com/freexbox where you can choose to receive a free 4gb Xbox 360 with the purchase of computer over $699 retail valve. I just thought that was pretty cool. Anyways do you guys think you can help me out, please.

One Response to “What is an inexpensive laptop that can keep up with a college students homework and nerdy needs?”

    1. Is nerdy needs gaming or software development? Also, what is your budget on this?

    2. What are your portability needs? Do you plan on actually taking your laptop around campus with you or are you planning on just parking it on your desk for months at a time.

    You’re going to be able to get a LOT more bang for your buck by going with a desktop instead of a laptop. You can also consider doing a custom build if you’d up for it.

    The bottom line with laptops is regardless of Toshiba, Vaio or Alienware, they’re all running Windows 7 and using parts made by Intel, Seagate, etc.

    So you’re really paying for overall build quality and the extra garbage software they decide to bundle in.

    I try to remain non-bias with regards to brands, but I’ve generally been happy with Asus & Acer since I feel they put less junk on their laptops.

    My best suggestions for you is to do your shopping on Amazon and filter down to what you’re looking for and read a lot of the user reviews. Amazon’s return policy is awesome for laptops and has saved me from buying some crappy laptops in the past.