How do I get people to find my sites?

by on July 3, 2011

Q: Can creating multiple websites help sell a home?
I’m trying to sell my home near Fort Meade, MD, and I’ve created some websites, that include Fort Meade and Ft Meade in the web address. The home is in an over-55 community. I’ve created websites using wording such as:;;;;;;;;;;, and
I’ve also created these sites:;;;;;;;;;;, and
I was figuring some people might want a home in my town or subdivision or near Fort Meade and if they were to use the Internet to search for such a home one or more of my websites might show up. I really need to create just one web page and link all of the sites to it, so it’s not that much work. How do I get people to find my sites?

One Response to “How do I get people to find my sites?”

    Forget about all the websites, and get your house on the major real estate listing sites. Your easiest option here is of course to just use an Agent, but if you’re against that for whatever reason, you can still get yourself added to the main listing sites and, the MLS which is what all the Agents looking for a house are going to use.

    See or a similar site for these services.

    Those sites that you create are never going to get ranked high enough to show up on a google search, and any Angent is going to be using the MLS service to find sites.