Is there a portable ID scanner that will scan a drivers licenses?

by on July 12, 2011

Q: Is there a portable ID scanner that will scan a drivers license that has a USB connection and is compatible with Windows 7?

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    If you’re a bar club owner, you’ll want something like this for fast data capture and age verification:

    If you want to check out some other options on the market, see:


    Not a bar owner, but need to scan and upload for identification for bank accounts. Needs to be compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. I googled before but couldn’t check compatibility on many. Open to suggestions. Thanks for the help Mark.


    Is this a situation where you can have this scanner plugged into a computer and run the scan while it is plugged in. Or do you need to be able to use the scanner independently and then come back later to plug the scanner into the computer to download the images?


    I could probably do either. I will plug it into a laptop to download the information. I don’t really need the info off of the magnetic strip. I guess any portable scanner that’s compatible with Windows 7 64bit would be ok, just so it can take something the thickness of a drivers license and you can view it properly. If it stores the images for uploading later that’s ok too.

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    This would appear to meet your needs:

    It lists drivers as available for Windows 7 64bit

    This also might work for you:

    64bit Windows 7 drivers for it appear to be available here:


    You’ve been more than helpful Mark. Thank you so much. Since you were kind enough to look up where I could get the drivers as well, I’ll probably go with the docketport. Thanks again!