How come all my web browsers load old versions of web pages?

by on July 18, 2011

Q: Every browser on my Windows Vista Home Premium PC has started loading in old pages. We’re talking Firefox 5, Chrome, IE9, even SR Iron. I can’t work out what the hell it is, and it’s only started this week. I have tried various answers to each individual browser i.e. reducing FF’s browser.cache setting to 1, IE’s setting to load new page every time I view, etc etc but they are ALL still doing it. I am fully up to date on Windows Updates. I have run full scans with Bullguard, Threatfire, Glary Utilities, CCleaner and yet still the same problem. My cache is clean, so clean it’s almost shiny, so what on earth is happening? Has there been a Windows Update that has caused this recently??? I can’t believe that all my browsers spontaneously decided to go berserk all at once. Someone please help as I am now looking at pages that are 5 or 6 days old which is not really what I expect.

One Response to “How come all my web browsers load old versions of web pages?”

    Check the time and date in Windows and make sure it is set correctly.

    Are you behind a proxy of some kind? If you’re using a laptop, take the computer onto another network like a local coffee shop with wifi and see if you get the same problem.

    If you’re behind a proxy server of some kind it might be caching files there.