How come my Internet works fine one minute but the next minute I cannot load anything?

by on July 19, 2011

Q: Hello all. I’m having a problem with my internet programs installed on my laptop. I have internet explorer, mozilla, and also google chrome. None of which isn’t having problems. It seems like it will work fine one minute and then all of a sudden it stops and displays ‘problem loading page’, ‘not connected to server’, and ‘oops, google chrome could not find….’. I’m not sure what is causing this and I’ve looked everywhere. I always check every time and make sure I have a secure internet connection, and I do. Any helpful hints? Thanks for any information. (:

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    How are you connecting to the internet?

    For example, do you connect via a wireless connection to a wireless router that is in turn connected to a cable modem from your Internet Service provider?

    Having an internet connection cut in and out like that is usually a problem somewhere past your laptop. The troubleshooting steps here are basically process of elimination.

    If you’ve been connecting via wireless, get into the same room as the wireless router if you weren’t already and see if you still have issues. If you don’t them you’re using your laptop too far from your wireless router. If you’re still having trouble try plugging in the laptop via an Ethernet cable directly to the router. Still problems, plug directly into the cable modem and skip the router. Still problems? Then the issue might be with your ISP, so give them a call.

    Once you get things to work you know that problem exists with whatever you took out of the equation. Let me know if you’re able to isolate the problem and I can give some additional tips.


    Thank you for responding. I am connecting wirelessly. I have AT&T internet service and I have an ethernet cable running from the AT&T modem into my linksys router.

    If I connect the enthernet cable directly into the laptop the internet programs work great. I can load everything without having to refresh the page 100x’s. When I am in the living room (where the router is) I still have the same issue if I’m connecting wirelessly.

    The only thing that is confusing me and making me think it’s not my router, is that when my boyfriend plays xbox he never looses connection. He usually runs a cable through my laptop into the back of his xbox. Even when I am having the issues of loading the multiple internet programs, he still is able to play without loosing that connection.

    Thanks again for helping me, and any more help would be appreciated.


      A quick update…

      I restarted my router around the same time I wrote the previous comment. When I decided to try it again without the Ethernet cord, it started working. Hopefully just a quick reset has solved the problem.

      I thank you for taking the time and answering my question though.