Why does my computer crash with a blue screen when I play certain games?

by on July 29, 2011

Q: i cant figure out why i get blue screened and crashed every time i play certain games, i thought it was my graphics card overheating but its not, and ive replaced it twice and no one has answers for me. so thats my problem, pleases help

One Response to “Why does my computer crash with a blue screen when I play certain games?”

    I’d need some more information to help you out.

    First, I’ll need your full system specs. Easiest way to do this is to provide a direct-x diagnostic file:

    1. From the desktop click: Start > Run (or windows key + r).
    2. In the blank text field of the window that appears type “dxdiag” without the quotes. Press run or hit enter.
    3. Another window should appear titled DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Near the bottom of the window click on “Save All Information…” A popup should appear with a progress bar, this may take a few minutes.
    4. After it completes a dialog should appear asking you where to save the file, I would recommend saving it to your desktop (automatically selected) with the default name and file type.

    E-mail the DxDiag.txt file that gets created to me at mark@askageek.com

    I’ll also need some details about the circumstances of the blue sceen crashes:
    – What games cause the crash?
    – What games don’t?
    – How long do you need to play for a crash?
    – What error messages come up when you get a blue screen crash?
    – Have you been swapping out for exact same make/model of video card or have you been trying different cards?