Where can I find video drivers for my Sony computer?

by on August 5, 2011

Q: are (free) video drivers available anywhere on the web for Sony computers? I’ve had to give up looking.

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    The only place you should be downloading drivers from is a manufacturer’s website. This should be either Sony’s website or the video chip/card manufacturer.

    Since you’re having a hard time tracking down a driver, can you please provide the model information for your computer, as well as what version of Windows you’re running.


    It is a Sony model” pcv-7762″ aka “pcvrx850. It is using windows xp home. I downloaded the video driver from their website but upon unziping it, my comp says “this driver cannot be used on this computer” so I am out of luck. This all happened when I reinstalled Windows. Four different drivers did not get downloaded. I was able to find an audio driver.


    Yes, that is the one I downloaded and it didn’t work.


    Please send me a dxdiag file for further assistance.

    – Click Start
    – Click Run…
    – Type in dxdiag and click okay
    – Click Save all information

    Save this text file and e-mail it to mark@askageek.com


    Thanks for sending in your dxdiag.

    Download and install this motherboard driver:

    Then after install and reboot, try installing the video driver again.

    Let me know if this works for you.


    The website you listed couldn’t be entered, but from the Sony download site, I downloaded the chipset driver for my comp. and that went in OK. Then I downloaded the video driver and the audio driver and those two worked !! So now everything is complete. Thanks for your help.


    Great! Glad to get this problem resolved for you!