How do I decide between GT220 2GB, 9500GT 1GB, GT440 1GB or the GT430 1GB video card?

by on August 6, 2011

Q: I’m trying to buy a graphics card and I’m a intermediate gamer, so I don’t know which to choose between the gt220 2gb or 9500gt 1gb or gt440 1gb or gt 430 1gb, so which one is the best between these?

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    Your best comparison between video cards is

    I’d probably suggest a different video card though if you want to do some nice gaming.

    Tell me about your card budget, your current computer, and the games you want to be able to play.


    My budget is 100 – 200$, and im currently running on a core 2 duo 3g, 4gb ddr2 ram, 512mb 9400gt, 450w, and id like 2 play most of the games cumin out like call of duty mow3, crysis2, prototype 2, battlefield3 and other games like black ops and other ones of the same type


    For the best bang for your buck, I’d suggest a Radeon HD 6850. They are running around $150, and the card is wicked fast.

    See this chart for a good score comparison.


    Will it run on ma board?


    I have a g31m-es2c Gigabyte board, but i dont think it has a PCI Express slot


    meant a pci express 16x slot


    According to the specs on the manufactures website for the motherboard, it does.


    so if i buy a radeon hd 6850, it will work, depending i meet the spec of the card


    It should work for you. Note that this is a big card, and it will also probably cover up one of your PCI slots. Also since it is a big full sized card, you may have trouble getting it to fit if you have a tiny PC case.

    I’d strongly suggest that you buy it from somewhere with a good return policy (local store or Amazon) so that if it doesn’t work with your computer, you’ll be able to return it and get your money back.


    Sure, I might just try doing that, I have a fairly small case but i think it can fit, and i think be fore buying that card i might need to buy a good power supply


    How does the AMD 6670 perform?


    View the comparison chart here:

    If you view the graphs on that page you’ll see the following information:

    Radeon 6670: 1,334 points
    Radeon 6850: 2,835 points

    GeForce 9400: 440 points (Your current card)

    So from this you can read that the 6670 is three times as fast as your current card and the 6850 is six times as fast.

    Please view the comparison charts on the link I’ve provided to compare all video cards on the market if you want to make further comparisons.