How do I know if the video card I am looking at is good for minecraft?

by on August 6, 2011

Q: I think I have found a good PCI video card for minecraft, but I really don’t know if it will work. It has:
ATI SmartShader
ATI SmoothVision
ATI Fullstream
ATI Video Immersion II
ATI Hydravision
Microsoft DirectX 8.1 compatibility
Full support of OpenGL custom extensions.
I don’t know if any of these matter. I just put what it says it has

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    Do you have an existing computer that you want to upgrade so that Minecraft runs better?

    If so, swapping to this video card isn’t going to make much of a difference. Minecraft is very CPU intensive.

    If you send me a DxDiag report to my e-mail at along with a budget, I might be able to offer some suggestions.

    to create a DxDiag Report:
    Click “Start” to open the start menu and enter “dxdiag” (without the quotes) in the search field.
    The dxdiag.exe should then appear in the selection window. Please run this.
    Once the information is collected, click “Save all information” to save the report as a .txt file.


    The minecraft error “Org.lwijgl.LWIJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated” means that openGL isn’t support with the video card driver that you’re currently using.

    You might be able to get an udpated driver from Intel.

    Give this link a try:

    If that doesn’t work you might want to give that PCI card that you find a shot. Since it mentions openGL support you should be good to go.

    However just to be save, please post the model number of the video card.


      Is this what you mean by model number: “ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 256MB DDR PCI Video Card w/ DVI/VGA”

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    Unfortunately, I’m unable to locate Windows 7 drivers for that video card, as it’s a bit older.

    With your limited budget, I’d suggest giving this card a try:

    You’ll want to use these drivers for it:

    That should be enough to get the game rolling. As you get more into gaming and want to do some more upgrading I’d suggest a system replacement to support PCI Express video cards.

    Good luck and happy gaming!