How do I figure out what is using up all my bandwidth?

by on August 9, 2011

Q: Hello, my mother and father are about 60 and have a 3g hotspot modem from verizon that they use for internet, they have a 10gb limit per month and have to really watch what they do or they go over their limit. I have a similar modem and only have a 5 gb limit and never go over 2.3 gb per month. The only thing they do that could take up very much bandwidth is farmville or frontierville or facebook poker. My question is two fold. How do i tell where all their internet is going so that I can help them budget their internet better and is it possible for farmville to eat up that much bandwidth?

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    If they’re on farmville all day then it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.

    To keep track of internet usage I’d suggest using some kind of bandwith monitoring software. One that you might like to try is networx.