How come my HP Pavilion notebook running Windows Vista Home does not have sound anymore?

by on August 12, 2011

Q: I have a HP pavilion notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium,The sound vanished suddenly a month ago.In the task bar tray Speaker icon shows red X,above that is”No Audio Output Device is installed”. I have tried everything that a Microsoft rep has suggested to no avail.After a many emails back and forth to Microsoft they sent me a disc to do an “In Place Upgrade”,This took all day to do and accomplished nothing,I still have no sound. I continue to try recovery manager and a few times recovered sound for a few minutes and then it vanished again.Do you have any other remedies?

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    What is the model name and number of your HP?


      Model Name: HP Pavilion dv6747nr Entertainment Notebook PC


    Do you know if you have the Realtek audio chip or the Conexant audio chip on the laptop?


    Hello Mark
    All I know is that at the rear of my laptop just under the screen where the speakers are it says Altec Lansing.
    I try to reinstall by recovery manager Conextant HD-Audio Smart AMC HD 2 Driver and sometimes I get the sound back but in a few minutes it vanishes again. I don’t know what else to tell you,I am just a novice when it comes to computers, I really miss the sound!!!! CarolAnn Clay

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    I could do a remote service call for a fee, but there is a good chance that there is a hardware issue with the audio board (such as a loose cable).

    I’m leaning that way given all the stuff you’ve already gone through with Microsoft.

    So my best suggestion would be that you talk with a local computer shop (or HP) about a repair. The local shop should be able to figure out the issue fairly quickly.

    If you want to take a shot with a remote service call anyway, send me an e-mail at


    Hello again Mark
    I just found out that my grandson was using my laptop about the same time that the sound disappeared, I never thought anything of it but I remember he plugged in his own earphones to listen to his music,could he have created a problem somehow, his earphones have two prongs,I assume for left and right speakers,my earphones HP earphones with just one prong and a slide switch on the wire with – & + on it, I have never used them,so my grandson was the first to plug anything in to the outlets on the front of my laptop. look forward to your reply. Thank you CarolAnn Clay


    If that had anything to do with it, it was that putting headphones in loosened a connection inside the laptop. Nothing I’d blame him for, but I’ve read that some HP laptops have had some poor connections that can get jostled loose.

    Talking to a local computer repair shop is probably your best bet.


    Could an update cause a sound problem? some time back I asked Microsoft if “Visual C++2005 Redistributable” could be a problem because that same update kept reappearing to be installed,Microsoft just sent me instructions to hide it and that would stop it from reappearing every day. I did hide it and that stopped it but there is still 4 or 5 installations of that update still on my computer and I can’t find them to uninstall at least 3 or 4 of them. Microsoft never really said whether that update could create a sound problem,what do you think? CarolAnn


      Highly unlikely that the Redistributable is causing your problems.


    If I decide to go to you for a remote service call,what is your fee? Do I have some kind of subscriber number so that you would know what I was e-mailing about?


    I’d rather not, as it will be a waste of your money. This will almost definitely be a hardware problem, which I will be unable to repair via a remote service call. I’m sorry I’m unable to be of more assistance to you.

    I suggest contacting a local computer repair shop or HP for service.


    Thank you for all your time and advice and your honesty,I appreciate that you tried to find an easy solution. I guess I knew I should try to find a local computer shop and let them take a look,hopefully they will be just as honest.
    Thanks Again CarolAnn