How good are the Socket 775 DDR3 motherboards?

by on August 12, 2011

Q: How good are the Socket 775 DDR3 motherboards, because I cant find any of em at my local stores, and they say they were no longer being made, so how good are they?

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    Not sure what you mean by “good”. Socket 775 is several generations ago as far as Intel CPU sockets are concerned. So you’re not going to find anyone making them anymore.

    If you’re planning on buying a new CPU & motherboard I’d suggest going with the newer Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and an LGA 1155 motherboard that supports it.


    Do those support core 2 CPU’s?


    They support the latest Intel Dual and Quad Core processors, such as these:


    I just saw G41 Biostar board, is it any reliable?


    You’ll need to check reviews online to make your own determination.