How come my computer does not recognize my game CDs?

by on August 13, 2011

Q: Hello; I’m trying to play a game on my computer, but when i put in my CD it simply does nothing. I even go into My Computer and click on my drive, and it says insert disk, when there is one in there. This happens for ALL disks i put in, so its not that the disk is dirty. is my hard drive broken? i can still access all my saved data on the computer..

One Response to “How come my computer does not recognize my game CDs?”

    If you don’t have a DVD drive in your computer and are inserting game DVDs they won’t work. If you’re not sure about either, look for the letters “DVD” printed on both the front of your CD or DVD drive as well as on the disk you’re trying to use.

    If that’s not the problem, then I’d suggest trying a CD/DVD drive cleaner:

    If you are still having trouble after that, you should replace your CD/DVD drive.