How come the colors are distored on my LCD screen?

by on August 15, 2011

Q: I have a Compaq Presario C700 and when i turn it on, the lcd screen shows a distorted gray/white/grainy screen . The image slowly changes colors (like on a normal startup) but there is no text or images on the grainy screen. I opened my lcd screen and made asure nothing was disconnected and still it was not working. I closed the laptop screen after turning it on (at which point the screen was the blue color of the windows theme) and when i flipped it open after a while, the screen was back to normal. When i shut down the computer, it reverted back to the grainy image on startup. I want to know if i have to change the entire screen or just the inverter. Could it be the inverter causing this. I have had this computer now for over 3 years. Also when i plugged the computer into an external monitor, everything worked perfectly.

One Response to “How come the colors are distored on my LCD screen?”

    The LCD screen going bad would be my first assumption based on your description.

    You’ll probably need to swap it out, however these types of things are always trial and error. Given the age of the laptop and the likely very high cost of replacing the screen you might be better off just replacing the laptop.