How come the sound stopped working on my Dell Inspiron?

by on August 16, 2011

Q: i have a dell insprion 530. just recently the sound stopped working. i made sure everything was plugged in right and it was. then i went into the audio settings or whatever to make sure it was all right and the wound was working. but when i went back on to the internet the sound stopped working again on both my speakers and headphones. what do i need to do to fix this?

One Response to “How come the sound stopped working on my Dell Inspiron?”

    I’ll need some more information in order to provide any assistance:

    What version of Windows are you running?
    Is all the hardware in the computer standard, or have you performed any upgrades?
    Did you install any new software around the same time that the problem started?

    Does the sound ever work on websites, or does it work for a little while and then stop?
    Are you able to listen to music files that are on your computer (from iTunes, etc?)

    If you would prefer, I can also offer you remote support to resolve this issue for you: