How come I cannot get a DVD or CD drive working with my Acer Aspire?

by on August 17, 2011

Q: Ok this is driving me nuts!! I’m doin some work on an Acer Aspire SA85 running XP Home, for a friend. Got the modem working, but I can’t get any dvd or cd drive working!! The make and model show up in device manager, so windows is picking up that its there (doesn’t show up at all in My Computer though), but the exclamation mark icon also shows. I’ve tried 3 different drives, always the same thing. I managed to find firmware for one of them, but when I tried to run it I got an error message stating that there were no matching drives (and yes I double checked that I had the right one). I’ve tried everything I can possibly think of but nothing has solved the problem 🙁 HELP!!

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    Double click on the drive in device manager, if you have an exclamation mark showing up, you should see an error message after double clicking on the device.

    Please post the error message here.

    Additionally, are their any other items in the device manager showing up with question marks or exclamation points?

    You might be missing some chipset drivers. Use this page from intel to auto detect and install any of these that you’re missing:


    I ended up using a pci POST card to see if it offered any kind of diagnosis and it came up with a code for a FRAME signal error. What does this mean?


    The FRAME signal stuff deals with PCI communication between the motherboard and the POST Card.

    The POST card would only be able to provide you useful information if the computer was failing its POST (Power On Self Test) aka Not making it past the BIOS.

    Since you can get into Windows just fine, the POST card isn’t going to be very helpful.

    The FRAME error probably means the POST card isn’t inserted correctly or needs to be in a different slot. Regardless it shouldn’t have any impact on the issues with a DVD drive not working.

    Please see my earlier post for troubleshooting information and let me know the results of that.