Does Hypercam uses my Internet bandwidth?

by on August 21, 2011

Q: Hi I was wondering if Hypercam uses my Internet bandwidth. I live in Canada so we have a limited amount you can upload/download (60gb for me) and for some reason im over without having downloading/uploading large files. But I have a lot of Hypercam Files and they range from 20-600mb and i was wonder if that comes out of my monthly amount. As well my primary source of music is Youtube is this a problem aswell? Thank-you

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    Is this what you mean by Hypercam?

    Unless your uploading or downloading these files they won’t count toward your bandwith.

    Yes, playing audio or video from YouTube will take up some of your monthly allotment as well.

    You might want to install a program like this to help keep track of your monthly usage from your computer:

    Note that your ISP will be keeping their own numbers and there is a chance there will be a slight difference between your ISPs numbers and this prorgam, but it should serve as a good baseline.