How can you find out who made a CD or DVD?

by on August 24, 2011

Q: I am a writer who is currently writing a new novel, and I need some help answering a bit of a strange question …

I’ve got this character (a detective) who comes across this DVD ROM in a murder investigation, and on it is some importance evidence. The thing is, he doesn’t know who made this DVD, but he does need to find out!

Now I know that most CDs and DVDs have a digital signature, and that somewhere on them they might even contain information about who manufactured them, but how does one get access to this information? I mean, how does one read this? Can anybody do it on their own PC, or does one need some kind of specialized equipment or software.

All I am looking for is for him to be able to read (find) enough info to lead him onto his next step: Say a date of manufacture, and a company name.

Any ideas?

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    DVD-ROMs are factory pressed at a manufacturing facility, generally for large distribution.

    Here is an example of a company that offers these services:

    I’m not aware of any method to determine the actual manufacturer of the disk.

    Since the manufacturer of a disk rarely has anything to do with the contents of the disk, I’d suggest putting something on the face of the disk. A symbol, riddle, photo printed on the face of the disk would be a lot more exciting than a trip to the DVD pressing factory anyway.


    Thanks very much for your help. I was hoping that there might be some kind of digital imprint that contains this information, but you are right, I could just use a symbol or photograph just as easily.